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“Style is looking your BEST, while being your BEST!”

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Working Woman Wednesday

" Queens when you do your work today, remember to raise your price two times!"

Happy Hump Day! Fall has officially

arrived. New Season, New

Beginnings! Although fall is not one of favorite seasons I'm making the best

of it in style. This particular look is

one of my favorite it's simple but also

stylish giving a flair of color for the

fall months. This is a great look for a

Wednesday getting through the first

half of the week with a little color

paired with a floral print shoe and

clutch.I would consider wearing these

particular slacks with a dark blue

denim button down for a more casual

look. One of my favorite accents on

for this look, are the buttons on the

belt, it gives the pants a different look

than your traditional slacks.Fall may

not be one of my favorite seasons, but

it doesn't mean we can't get through

this season in style! Remember, style

is more than what you wear, it is a reflection of who you are!

With Love,


the Look

Unfortunately, this particular look items are sold out, but here is an alternative look in

link below.

Pants here | Shirt here |Shoes here| Bag here

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