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“Style is looking your BEST, while being your BEST!”

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"A repeat outfit is really just a well-earned encore"- jcrewtruths

Firsts thing first , it's been awhile since my last blog post, but I'm back! A lot has changed since my last blog entry. I think one thing we all can relate to is the Corona Pandemic , which has caused a lot changes to our every day lives, but keeping your style together should be on the list

In one of my recent conversations with one of my friends, about repeating certain pieces. We agreed that repeats are okay, it's all about the coordination of the look. In the pictures below you will see the exact set, but worn and coordinated differently. That's okay. Lol , Clothes are meant to be worn multiple times and multiple ways. Always remember you can change shoes, tops, and pants and even hair, Lol. This for sure will give you a different look each time. So who's to say you can't repeat an outfit? No one ! lol , Restyle your look wear them how you want, but mostly do it with style! With Love ChatMonet

in 2018


in 2021

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