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“Style is looking your BEST, while being your BEST!”

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issa look for the photograph

"Drake's songs sound like they're coming from a friend you know"- Mae (The Photograph)

No matter what event or occasion you may attend, there’s a look just for you! Valentine’s Day weekend I was able to see “The Photograph”, and like any occasion being that it was Valentine’s Day I choose to look more festive and cute. When I’m putting together a look I always consider the occasion, Can I dress it up or down?

This helps me eliminate some of my options and time.

So considering how I determine this look and many others, I follow these steps:

· What’s the occasion and event?

· Do I want to dress-up, dress down or a little bit of both?

· What style am I going for retro, classic, chic, or preppy?

Like anything we do as people we must plan. Just like you plan to go to work, graduate, or receive a better job. Creating a look is the same way, especially if you want to look FAB! Once you gathered the small details of what look you want to achieve, then you know ISSA LOOK! We all have goals don’t forget your look, that’s the first thing people see!

With Love ,


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