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“Style is looking your BEST, while being your BEST!”

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Finally The Weekend

Finally! The weekend has arrived and

we have all made it through another

work week. The weekend is always a

good time to catch up on rest from

the work week, hanging out with

friends and shopping! On the

weekend I'm a big fan on dressing

how you feel. This particular weekend

I did just that. I love print pants with

a muscle tank especially a shirt that

represents my city B'HAM lol! This

look is perfect and comfortable when

you're going out to eat or just out on

the weekend running errands for the

upcoming week. This can be dressed

up or down with your favorite heels

or favorite tennis shoes either way

it's still a win. My main goal for any

piece of clothing I have is to be able

to mix and match as much as possible. This allows me to save money, but as well

have a different look with a variety pieces of clothing.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

With Love

Chat Monet

Shop the Look

T-shirt here|Pants here| Shoes purchased on ASOS but are sold out as well here is a similar pair.

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